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It's your money. Get it back. Don't be short-changed:
If your train is late, delayed or cancelled, which leads to you been frustrated with the service on your train line, then you're in the right place. At Traindco our aim is to help soften the blows you get as customers of the rail network due to train delay or cancellation. You can claim up to £300 a month, you can also backdate your claims for up to 28days to claim more. Use our money back calculator and see how much you might be in line to claim. Don't be short-changed. It's your money. Get it back.
Traindco does not promise you better train services, but we promise to help get back the money that is due to you for whatever your train is late, delayed or cancelled. We aim to provide the advice people need for the problems they face on their commute and improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives.
Finding out exactly what you're entitled to can be tricky because each of the UK's train companies handles delays differently. You and a friend could both make exactly the same journey and be delayed for the same time but be entitled to different amounts of compensation - simply because you were travelling on trains run by different providers, and that is why you need us.
How we work?
At Traindco the system is very simple. We will send you daily notifications with details of any lateness, delays or cancellations on your route which you can claim. Just tell us the one that applies to you in a few clicks and wait for your vouchers to come through the post or in some cases, payment can be made directly to you PayPal account.
Now is the time to get back the benefits that rightfully belong to you. You don't have to take all the pain for bad service anymore. Let us do all the hard work for you, so you can say good-bye to complaining and doing nothing.
How to claim compensation for a cancelled or delayed train?
If your train is cancelled or delayed you can get a full refund depending on how long the delay was please check our how it works link for full details. How much compensation you can claim will depend on which company you bought your train ticket from. There is where we come in our claim handlers process your application with no fuss to you . You normally get the compensation amount in less the 5 days directly to your door . In just a few clicks you are done, can't be easier.
Our aim
The aim of Traindco is to get you your money back with no fuss to you anytime and every time there is a disruption on your train journey. We are passionate about this are tired of commuters been ripped off . We are determined every commuter gets their due refunds.
We do all the hard work so you don't have to and also say goodbye to complaining and doing nothing about it.
No Claim No Fee!